We Can All Enjoy Inner Peace by Donna Gammon

My name is Donna Gammon and my passion is helping you heal your body, mind and spirit. From the time I was a young lady I was aware I had a gift to love and guide others to live a happier,  more joyful life and was also given visions that I later was aware were of my future.  As I continued to experience these vivid pictures and guidance from the spirit, I realized I needed to share this gift with others. Reiki energy  along with  Coaching has opened up a whole new world for me.   During my healing and coaching sessions , it soon became clear  that I needed to deliver these messages I was seeing and hearing to those I loved and was healing.  I realized it was just love that comes from both sides of the veil.  I feel so blessed by my Father in Heaven when I do this wonderful work. Time and time again I deliver messages of love and peace.  I know that our relationships on earth are intended to last beyond death and that love doesn’t end or die, it just extends and deepens.”

Donna provides reiki healing and aura readings through Lotus of the Moon. You can book with her here: Book Now

She also has an online group “Be Soul Happy” with daily teachings, sharing, community, and tips and tricks for a better life. Learn More