our purpose

Lotus of the Moon is a place to come home to yourself. We would say it’s a place to find yourself, but you are not lost. We know that you have all the answers you seek inside of you already. Lotus of the Moon is here to remind you of that truth and hold space as your journey unfolds. We provide products, classes, services and community to connect you with that inner knowing, in order to find peace, healing, and a connection to something greater than yourself, so you can live in alignment with your highest self and fulfill your purpose.

our commitment

our mission and vision


Our mission at Lotus of the Moon is to provide a safe space for spiritual growth by acting as a gateway for goods, services, events, and classes that encourage health of body, mind, and spirit.



Our vision is a world in which every person lives in alignment with his/her highest self; where all of us live in a higher state of consciousness and action, respecting the interconnectedness of life; where personal responsibility joins with social conscience; where each person has enough food, a home, and a sense of belonging; where beauty, nature, and love are essential.


our team

Stephanie McCarl
CEO / Founder

Stephanie had a great career working as CFO for public and private organizations and did contracting on the side through her small business. But, things started shifting quickly when Lenny & Stephanie started building furniture together in 2015. After her first trip to a spiritual store in 2016, Lenny & Stephanie started an Etsy shop selling spiritual furniture and started planning to open a brick & mortar spiritual shop in the TriCities, WA. They thought they had a 5-year plan, but within six months and with the support of Ashleigh, they opened Lotus of the Moon! She has since left her old career completely behind and is fully living her dharma!


She loves pouring every ounce of energy into our Lotus family, her own family, and her “framily” (friend family). She is driven by connection; bringing out the best in others, showing them who they are and what they are made of so we can build a beautiful world together! She is a Taurus sun/Scorpio rising/Cancer moon. Her and Lenny have 3 kids and 4 dogs, love to design and build together, and are manifesting a life with a lot more travel.

Lenny McCarl

Lenny has spent most of his career advocating for children in the nonprofit and government sectors, from program development and management to engaging with at-risk youth involved in the foster care system. He has performed various roles within Child Protective Services over the past 7 years of working for the State of Washington and has served in the Tricities Coalition Against Trafficking and Juvenile Action Team.


When he’s not working his day job, he’s building, fulfilling orders for our Etsy shop or creating custom furniture pieces for clients! 


Lenny loves to be in nature with his family – fishing, camping, and playing in the water. When he’s not working, he’s building custom spiritual furniture for our Etsy clients or large custom furniture pieces for other clients. He is a Pisces sun/Scorpio rising/Virgo moon. He aspires to live a life with more freedom to do all the things he wants to do!

Ashleigh Rogers
Founder/Art Director

Ashleigh is a visual artist whose art is in collections across the Pacific Northwest.  She aims to create art  which encourages her audience to recognize the connections we all share-the common thread tying us together. Ashleigh has a passion for providing access to arts programming for all people. She believes that we are all artists, and that art heals. She has been providing accessible art programs to people of all ages for the past five years and is currently pursuing her degree in Psychology and Fine Arts to enhance her ability to provide therapeutic arts experiences in our community. In addition Ashleigh currently serves as the Creative Director at DrewBoy Creative.


Ashleigh loves a warm cup of tea and good conversation with her circle of women. She enjoys camping, taking photos, making people laugh and movie nights with her husband and their four children.As a Projector by human design Ashleigh enjoys engaging with people on a deep energetic level.  She is a Capricorn Sun/Cancer Rising/ Pisces Moon.