Lotus of the Moon is founded on the love of two friends, dreaming of a place to expand their community and provide an accessible, inclusive space for guided self-discovery.

Come by and you will find items we have found indispensable on our own journey, as well as items created with love by members of our community; items that represent diverse passions and interests, which are filled with intention, beauty and purpose!

In addition to a vast array of spiritual tools, Lotus of the Moon provides educational opportunities that encourage a compassionate exchange of ideas and opportunities to grow, connect, cultivate peace, and step out of your comfort zone!

We also provide services in-house and through connections with community providers. Book a God/Goddess gathering, card reading, energetic home cleansing, blessingway, and more with Lotus of the Moon. Check out our services page for more!


Our mission at Lotus of the Moon is to provide a safe space for spiritual growth by acting as a gateway for goods, services, events, and classes that encourage health of body, mind, and spirit.


Our vision is a world in which every person lives in alignment with his/her highest self; where all of us live in a higher state of consciousness and action, respecting the interconnectedness of life; where personal responsibility joins with social conscience; where each person has enough food, a home, and a sense of belonging; where beauty, nature, and love are essential.




Stephanie McCarl, Owner/Founder

Stephanie has a Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis in Finance & Management, a Bachelors in Social Sciences, and an almost-Bachelors in Finance & Accounting. She also owns an accounting business and has 15 years of experience in Managerial and Accounting roles in both the private and public sectors.

But, aside from that, she also aspires to be a dancer, interior designer, attorney, activist, warrior, and own an animal sanctuary.  She just may still do all those things…



Lenny McCarl, Owner

Lenny has a Bachelors in Social Sciences from Washington State University. He has dedicated his professional career to helping children through operating day camps, managing after-school programs, teaching preschool, and foster programs. He serves on several local community coalitions to raise awareness and increase resources for at-risk youth.

He aspires to fish and build furniture all day long, own several boats, play in the NBA, and have a full head of hair.



Ashleigh Rogers, Founder

Ashleigh is a Professional Artist, with a background in Children’s Programming. She teaches Children’s art classes in our community and is a fixture in TriCities art culture. Her passions include her family, friends, and self-discovery!








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