Henna 101 by Elizabeth Magill

What is Henna?
Henna (Lawsonia inermis), is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as a safe and beautiful form of body art. The henna plant is a flowering, shrubby tree that is found in hot, arid environments. The art of applying henna is often referred to as mehndi. This ancient art is believed to have originated in Egypt, India and Morocco.

The henna plant needs an arid, hot environment to thrive and grow. It is naturally occurring in Northern Africa, the Middle East, and India. Optimal growing conditions must supply constant heat and low moisture. It is not able to grow in our local conditions due to the relatively low temperatures in the evening and winter months.

Henna leaves contain Lawsone, a dye that stains the skin a reddish-brown color. The leaves of the plant are dried, powdered, made into a paste then applied to the skin. Once the paste has been left on the skin for several hours, it creates a stain that can last between 1 to 3 weeks. Natural, unadulterated henna is very safe and can be applied on those with the most sensitive of skin. Henna can be applied on patients undergoing chemotherapy, expecting mothers, allergy sufferers and those with eczema and other sensitive skin disorders.

Mehndi has a rich history full of ancient traditions that are still celebrated today. Among these is the very prominent tradition of bridal henna (Mehndi Ceremony). Elaborate henna designs are applied to the hands, forearms and feet of the bride-to-be before her wedding. These designs often contain the grooms name, creating a fun way for the couple to bond while he searches for it.

Belly blessings are another form of popular henna traditions. Henna is applied on the belly while the mother is pregnant to bless the birth, mother and child. These designs often contain traditional design elements and symbolic elements that represent the parents and other siblings.

Henna crowns are a more modern trend and have become very popular in women that have lost their hair from medical conditions such as Alopecia or chemotherapy. These designs vary widely and can contain traditional design motifs or elements that are symbolic to the wearer. Henna crowns are often donated to these patients by professional henna artists.

Applying henna is a versatile, unique form of art. While traditions may vary across the world, henna can be applied almost anywhere for any reason. More and more people are interested in receiving henna before a festival or concert, during parties, or as a way to treat themselves or a loved one.

How is henna paste made?

Elizabeth Magill
ICHNA Certified Henna Artist
Evergreen Henna evergreen.henna@gmail.com


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My name is Elizabeth and I am the owner/creator of Evergreen Henna.  I first discovered henna at the age of 15.  I have always been a lover of all things body art, so when I discovered my first henna cone in a clothing shop, I immediately went to work hennaing myself and my friends.  Henna has grown to be one of my greatest passions.  I spend my free time researching henna, creating unique designs, and hennaing my friends, family, and referrals.  Having very sensitive skin myself, making my own henna paste with the safest, highest quality ingredients is a priority for me.  I am excited to finally turn my eight- year hobby into a business.  I look forward to the opportunity to meet new people and to create henna designs to fit each person’s individual style.  When not doing henna, I enjoy playing video games, yoga, coffee, and tea!

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New Moon Tarot Reading by Jae Melland

The new moon brings with it an opportunity to shed anything that has been holding you back, and to make space in your life for new direction and intent. So, what can we, as the Lotus family, learn from this new moon? What do the cards have in store for us?

The Two of Bows is a transformative card. The person standing in it is covered in fire yet stands assertively and holds their position. This is the moment when one decides to cast away all that was before, and bravely step into the flames to be transformed. How appropriate, that this card would appear now. They leave behind past doubt, insecurity, and toxic habits.

Accompanying this card is the Ten of Arrows, Instruction, in the position indicating what we as a community need to allow to grow within us. This card calls for us to reach out and teach and be taught. It calls for us to cross the invisible boundaries that keep us from learning from each other and to listen to those that come to us while carrying their different understanding. When we pass along our experiences, and listen to the experiences of others, we all benefit. Be open to learning from those around you, and don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand if you find you are the one with the knowledge. Exchange information and turn to each other and assist each other in growing. Be both student and teacher!

The last card tells us what kind of energy to project outward as we move into the next moon phase. The Nine of Arrows, Dedication. The person in this card is not frustrated, they have learned to detach their worth from the results of their efforts and are simply persisting. They do not let their first attempts define them. To them, the act of learning and adapting to achieve a new skill is a sacred act. And it is! Learning is sacred, practicing is sacred, and making mistakes is incredibly sacred. I challenge you not to allow frustration to creep into this sacred act, and to instead allow the results speak to you. What are some changes that need to be made? Is there assistance out there for you if you only ask? Or is it simply a matter of sitting down and keeping up the practice even when the inner voice of frustration and negative self-talk is raging? The message through this card is simple. Dedicate yourself to something and persist. Listen to what your mistakes are telling you, do not let them define you.

Overall, this is a great time to make the decision to step forward into that which is new, bravely, and without looking back. It is time to reach out and teach, while also having the strength to remain a student yourself. It’s a time of dedication, patience, and practicing well after the initial rush of excitement is gone. What a wonderful time for new undertakings.

Be well,
Jae Melland


Jae Melland uses tarot and oracle cards to provide insightful readings into your situation. Using intuition as well as the knowledge of the cards, the readings are focused on helping you navigate your life and finding the next set of actions you need to take. You will also learn how to use the message to strengthen the connection you have to your inner voice, so you can better your ability to be your own personal guidance within. One-on-one tarot tutoring is also available for those who wish to learn the art for themselves. Jae has instructed Tarot 101, Understanding the Court Cards, and other tarot courses in the area.