Bioenergetic Healing with NES Therapy

Bio-Energetic Healing sessions use FDA approved, patented quantum energy devices to bring the body into a natural state of well-being. As a physical empath, Crystal Willingham combines her training as a Reiki Master and natural intuition to provide added information about your healing process.

The body’s natural tendency is to seek homeostasis, harmony, and equilibrium. Modern lifestyle and living in electromagnetic smog, with toxic chemicals and products, processed foods and with general daily stress can create imbalances in the delicate human body field and human body ecosystem.

Bio-Energetic healing devices combine the following technologies:
Far Infrared and Negative Ions
PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies)
Heat Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy
Photon Light Therapy
Natural Gemstone/Crystals

and offer the following benefits with consistent use:

Manage Chronic Pain
Reduce Fatigue
Detoxify the Body
Relax Sore Muscles
Improve Blood Circulation
Revitalize Energy Levels
Decrease Inflammation


Lotus of the Moon Bioenergetic Service Providers:

Crystal Willingham

I’m a Whole Life Wellness Coach and Online Business Consultant, and a Healer.

I am a certified

Life Coach and Reiki Master

I have a Masters of Science Degree in Internet Marketing

I love working with entrepreneurs to assist them in transforming their lives through the consistent daily practice of various bio-energy related habits, thought processes and healing tools.

My Soul Level Intentions are to encourage and empower entrepreneurs to become fully aware of the Healing power within themselves,

in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances.

I inspire others to take control of their own journey by offering my thoughts on what it takes to become the frequency of the life they prefer to live, while I authentically share from my own life experiences.

1-Hour Session: $65