Oracle and Tarot Cards are generally used in a reading to bring insight and advice about a range of situations. A Card Reading consists of five elements: A person (querant), a question, a deck, a spread, and an interpretation of the Cards in the Spread.

Oracle and Tarot Cards are a tool which help people to awaken unconsciousness into consciousness so that they can acquire self-knowledge. They can help us examine and study ourselves – our motives, our desires, and our hindrances. They can clarify our purpose and our life path in alignment with our highest selves and help us understand that fate lies within ourselves. In order to change our fate, we have to change ourselves!

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Lotus of the Moon Card Readers

Stephanie uses a combination of Angel Tarot and Oracle Cards to show you how to channel your own inner guidance in selecting and reading your cards. She will provide you with her intuitive interpretations on your consent. 


Jae Melland uses tarot and oracle cards to provide insightful readings into your situation. Using intuition and knowledge, the readings are focused on helping you navigate your life and finding the next set of action you need to take. You will also learn how to use the meassage to strengthen the connection you have to your inner voice, so you can better your ability to tap into your own inner guidance.

One-on-one tutoring is also available for those who wish to learn the art for themselves. Jae has instructed Tarot 101, Understanding the Court Cards, and other tarot courses in the area. 


Receive a reading from my book of oracle poems, “blood gold and honey.” Readings provide insight & a soft mirror into which you can see yourself with compassion. Each card is a poem, image-driven & wisdom laden, & assigns a ritual. In a reading with me, we will spend much time discussing how to enact the rituals most meaningfully for yourself in order to embody the lessons present.

I love holding the space for my clients to experience healing, clarity, & renewed strength through poetry.


Alisha has been an intuitive reader her entire life and has read tarot for over 15 years now. She is a certified card reader and numerologist through Hay House. Her readings utilize a combination of Angel Tarot, Oracle Cards, intuition and her connection to a higher good to determine your current path, situation and potential outcomes.