A beautifully decorated, relaxing space approximately 100 square feet. Ideal for one-on-one counseling, healing sessions, reiki, massage, card readings, energy work, and more.

Equipped with:

  • Massage table with adjustable head rest
  • Sitting area with card reading table
  • Massage stool
  • Floor lamp
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Sink

Use of

  • Shared refrigerator
  • Restroom
  • Reception area
  • Access to filtered water and tea/coffee-making facilities
  • Plentiful parking


$15/hour (includes 15 mins either side of session for set up and clear up)

$60/full day

$200/month for one day per week (e.g. every Monday)

*** If you are offering a donation-based class, you will remit 30% of collected donations to Lotus of the Moon in lieu of the hourly, daily, or monthly rate

How it Works:

You can sign up for time in the Healing Room by following the steps below. If you are a new service provider, you will need to submit a Rental Inquiry Form. This allows us to determine if your services will be a good fit for Lotus of the Moon. If selected, you will be notified via email. You can then return to this webpage and complete step two, acceptance of the terms and conditions. Then you are free to go to step three and book your dates on the calendar.

You will book your own appointments unless you utilize our Web Package, described below.

Optional Web Package: 

Each Lotus of the Moon service provider has the option of listing their services on Lotus of the moon’s website with an annual fee of $55. The service listings will enable website visitors to book appointments for services directly with you from our website through Acuity Scheduling. You are responsible for accepting/declining appointments, collecting payment from clients, rescheduling, cancellation, and all customer contact. After a booking is received and confirmed by you, you will receive an invoice from Lotus of the Moon for rental of the Healing Room space for the length of the service booked. You are required to pay the space rental invoice within 24 hours to reserve your space. Please note: You are required to pay the space rental fee, even if you or the client cancel the appointment. Once Website Package is paid, please send the following to shop@lotusofthemoon.com: Business name, short bio, contact information, general availability you would like shown to clients, your email address and phone number, and a list of each service provided with short description, time required for each service, and price. You will be provided a Acuity Scheduling login to manage your availability directly and further directions will be sent via email.

Website Package

Step One: Submit Rental Inquiry Form (for NEW clients ONLY)


Step Two: Accept the Terms of Agreement (REQUIRED PRIOR TO EACH NEW BOOKING)

Step Three: Book Your Space



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