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What is real spirituality but the art of union with Reality? Mysticism is a particularly focused part of spirituality; the mystic is a person who aims at and believes in the attainment of such union. Many of the spiritual teachers of the world have likened our lives to “a sleep and a forgetting.” The mystic path is predicated on awakening, on going off robot and abandoning lackluster passivity to engage co-creation with vigor, attention, focus, and radiance. Thus the mystical variant of the spiritual experience is perhaps the greatest accelerator of evolutionary enhancement. Mystics can help you tap into your deep knowing, utilizing a variety of tools in their sessions.


Lotus of the Moon Mystics:

Mystically oriented since childhood, Tony has multiple times navigated the ranges of emotions that naturally find their way to the dissimilar outlier in the pack.

Tony KNOWS All beings enter this Earthly realm in a Highly Enlightened State. That state and the Frequencies associated with that State quickly dissipate through a process called “Frequency Matching”.

Frequency matching occurs when the prevailing energetic frequency of ones surroundings begin to absorb any dissonant frequencies, in this case, because of the sheer quantity of a lower frequency energy, the small amount of Higher frequency is absorbed into the lower Earthly collective.

We all see most babies and younger single digit age children are essentially, happy, carefree, CURIOUS beings, UNTIL their environment entrains them to resonate with the larger mass of significantly lower frequency beings. This transition typically happens around seven years old.

In more understandable terms the lower frequencies of the Earth bound energies suck the life out of the Higher frequencies of the newly delivered infant Earthlings!

While Tony maintains EVERYONE can be Mystically oriented if they embrace the CURIOSITY of life and the Universe.

Tony claims the talents and inner knowing he exudes can be developed by anyone with ease, once a person just “lets go” and trusts their “Higher Self” to provide answers, solutions, and safety, BEYOND any answers, solutions, and safety a mere human could provide.

Once one is able to embrace that EVERYTHING is ENERGY… they are able to use that energy to do and create anything.

Any attempts to understand the complexities of the Entire Universe must be granted the honor of knowing, in human form, we could not possibly know.

That is when Gnosis bridges the gap between the physical World we can see and the World of particles and wave forms we cannot even conceptualize.

Similarly and MOST important, is the Connection between the Energy World WITHIN our Earthly Bodies and the Energy World OUTSIDE our Bodies!

The Recognition of the sense and “Feel” of these two VERY Dissimilar Energies MUST be mastered, so as NOT to MISTAKE the OUTER for the INNER! The Universe communicates at a frequency that is so harmonious and Loving, it is UNMISTAKABLE once Discerned.

The OUTER Earthly frequency is choppy, LOW vibrating, and VERY DISSONANT to your INNER frequency.

Be that as it may, entering as Highly Enlightened beings. These innocent children become so bombarded with the OUTTER World Frequencies, they succumb to it just to ease the pain of the dissonance. Since it looks like they are now “Fitting In” the world carries on in its reckless behavior, claiming another innocent victim until we Wake UP enough to STOP the Cycle!

Though significantly late for those hearing or reading these words, it is NOT TOO LATE TO TEACH THE CHILDREN TO RECOGNIZE AND LISTEN ONLY TO THEIR INNER SONG and REMAIN ENLIGHTENED!

My Dear Friends, Listening to YOUR INNER Guidance, remaining in your Inner Frequencies, is the ONLY Path to becoming Re-Enlightened and meaningfully changing the trajectory of Humanity into a Highly Enlightened State

For YOU my friends there are NO alternatives Concede and Let Go of the Earthly dissonance! The sheer BLISS is worth the effort!

Being Mystically oriented in the STATE of ONENESS and PROFOUND LOVE is a STATE of Being not a GIFT!

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