Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing which connects divine knowledge (Rei) to the life force energy (Ki). This practice is a form of holistic spiritual healing which….

Relieves stress by balancing the physical, mental, and emotional states

Increases energy and boosts the immune system

Helps reduce anxiety and pain

Promotes the elimination blockages caused by stress, injury, emotion, and tension

Reiki is administered by “laying on hands”, and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. This practice is a form of holistic spiritual healing. This type of hands on healing assists in bring the mind and body back into balance and can assist in relieving stress, anxiety, and pain.


Lotus of the Moon Reiki Practitioners:

Stephanie McCarl has been formally trained and certified in the practice of Holy Fire II Reiki healing. She is very intuitive and accurate in her ability to detect physical and emotional imbalances. Stephanie’s healing connection places her clients at ease, as she approaches each session with warmth, compassion, peace, focus, and whole hearted caring. Stephanie charges $44 for a 45 minute reiki session which also incorporates energetic cleansing with sage,  stones,  drum, and singing bowls.

Free sessions for warriors battling cancer!

My name is Donna Gammon and my passion is helping you heal your body, mind and spirit. From the time I was a young lady I was aware I had a gift to love and guide others to live a happier,  more joyful life and was also given visions that I later was aware were of my future.  As I continued to experience these vivid pictures and guidance from the spirit, I realized I needed to share this gift with others. Reiki energy  along with  Coaching has opened up a whole new world for me.   During my healing and coaching sessions , it soon became clear  that I needed to deliver these messages I was seeing and hearing to those I loved and was healing.  I realized it was just love that comes from both sides of the veil.  I feel so blessed by my Father in Heaven when I do this wonderful work. Time and time again I deliver messages of love and peace.  I know that our relationships on earth are intended to last beyond death and that love doesn’t end or die, it just extends and deepens.” 
1 hour Reiki Session $80 
You will receive a Reiki Session and an audio recording of your session so you will be able to go back and listen to the guidance you receive.
1 hour, 15-minute Reiki Session  WITH essential oils $95 
You will receive a Reiki Session and an audio recording of your session so you will be able to go back and listen to the guidance you receive. PLUS, I use essential oils on the feet to balance the body.
Receive a 1 hour reiki session PLUS a 30-minute Chest up Aura Scan (1.5 hour session) for $120 
You will receive a Reiki Session, a picture of your Aura Scan and an audio of your session so you will be able to go back and listen to the guidance you receive.
Email to find out how to save $30 on a session AND receive a free 20-minute session for a family member or friend!

Hello, I’m Crystal Willingham

I’m a Whole Life Wellness and Business Coach and a Financial Wellness Coach

I love working with people to assist them in transforming their lives through the consistent daily practice of various bio-energy related habits, thought processes and healing tools.

My Soul Level Intentions are to encourage and empower entrepreneurs to become fully aware of the Healing power within themselves, in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances.

​​I have certifications as a Life Coach and Reiki Master

Clarity Counseling Session $120 for 1 hour

Reiki and Intuitive Healing $55 for 40 minutes

Hola! I am Silvia Isaac. I have been trained and certified into the 3rd and 4th degree of Angelic Reiki and attuned to the Angelic Kingdom of Light as an Angelic Reiki Master. I have been on my self-healing path since 2016 where I have experienced beautiful realizations. After experiencing Angelic Reiki, my healing path has continuously changing and improving.

Since I was little, I have always loved Angels and had a fascination for them; I never doubted they were real and I know they are always with us protecting us, guiding us, and loving us. I am able to intuitively listen and read between the lines. I am also an intuitive empath and a visionary that can see beyond limitations. I am fluent in Spanish and my sessions can be in Spanish as well as English. For questions, please email me at or call me at (786) 374-5913.

Note: These sessions are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatments. I do not offer diagnosis or prognosis


1 hour Angelic Reiki Session $77

  • Before the session, we will discuss the areas you wish to heal and to answer any questions. All of the information provided is confidential. If unsure, of which areas to heal, the Angels and your Higher Self know the areas that are in need of immediate healing. This session includes Angelic Reiki Healing, healing crystal(s) to work with during our session (I intuitively selected or you can chose them too) and a discussion after the session. From time to time, I get messages from the Angels to share and to provide feedback. These sessions are intended to help you awake to your own healing path.