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Work Phone: 949-394-4013 Website: http://www.leahdietzen.com/
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  • Spiritual Alchemy – Shamanic- Pranic Healing 

    Assisting your soul for its ultimate transformation. Karmic and Ancestral DNA clearing. Pranic Healing for stress, traumas, addictions, physical ailments and phobias.


    Sound and Vocal Healing – Spiritual Meditations 

    My sound healings include bowls and vibrational healing plus a unique medley of inspired speaking, channeling, vibrational poetry, mantra singing, and more.  Meditations vary on the needs of each group and person.  Meditations often result in a mix of angelic communication or channeling, shamanic healing or deep pranic breath work. 


    Mystic Yoga and Hiking Experiences

    Yoga for personal healing and energetic alignment. During hiking experiences we visit powerful energy sights to help assist in personal transformation and clarity.  Can be added on with Pranic Healing for people or animals to allow deeper healing to occur in natures arms.


    Animal Behavioral Consultation

    Insight into the root causes of your animals behavior, emotional or physical issues. Practical holistic training tips to help your companion and you live in partnership and harmony.


    Animal Communication and Healing

    Communicate with pets living or passed on and facilitate powerful Pranic Energy Healing for their ultimate happiness, health and well-being. Also bringing clarity on why your souls have come together.  

    I’m Simply a Vessel.  So are you. Let me help you remember.

    My greatest passion in life is supporting humanity through Spiritual Alchemy, which happens when we embrace the entirety of the human experience, transmute what’s not in alignment, and ignite the truth of our own divinity. 

    I’ve had the ability to attune and communicate with souls since birth.  After a near death experience, I began to professionally expand on my natural gifts and develop many types of healing modalities through extensive training. I learned how to rebalance my own past traumas, addictions, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and other physical injuries.  I’ve always had a love and deep connection with the earth and animals, which was reignited after my own deep healing and learning.  I was then guided to share my healing work and be of service to both animals and humans alike.

    If you resonate with working with me, you or your pet will get exactly what the soul needs in that moment.  I never know what will show up from my healing and spiritual toolbox, because it will be a unique medley specifically for your animal or for you.

    All you need to do is show up.  Come as you are. 

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