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Jen Jackson, is grateful to be offering sessions and classes. Her empathic feelings and intuition have been building since early childhood. She has taken her skills and have molded them into some of her greatest strengths. Her willingness to teach others and share to unlock others’ superpowers, to thrive and grow their own magnificent gifts and talents. She is a Guided Meditation Teacher, Chakra/Reiki Healer, Energy Worker, Psychic, Empathic, Pendulum Worker, Spiritual/Life Mentor, Aura Worker/Painter, Tarot Reader, and more.

Do you want a private class with Jen or in a small group of your own family, friends, coworkers, maybe even a 1-on-1 sessions? Contact The Magical Merchants today and schedule one. Her spiritual consulting services include: Life Coaching, guided meditation, reiki, chakra balancing, energy work, guided inner system flushing, and tarot/oracle card readings.

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