Spiritual Cleansing Services

Our homes and personal energy fields can get cluttered and gross from energy as well as physical items. People, animals and objects are constantly emitting energy. That energy then seeps into our homes and living spaces. Additionally, energetic cords are created between you and everyone you meet, which causes our energy to become entangled with others.

Cleansing clears out that stagnant energy and protects unwanted energies from entering and remaining in your home or energetic field.

It’s always a great time to spiritually cleanse, but especially important in these situations:

  • After you remove clutter
  • After an argument
  • When you move into a new space
  • When a roommate or companion moves out
  • After a divorce or break-up
  • After an illness or death
  • When you buy an antique or second-hand item
  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
  • Before implementing feng shui or redecorating
  • When you feel very low-energy or weighed down.

Experience the serenity of an energetically cleansed home and self! We come with positive intentions and angel energy to smudge your space and aura and fill it with love and light.


“Thank you so much for coming to my house yesterday and cleansing the energy, my sister and I are so appreciative! Thank you also for your words of hope and inspiration, we really needed that. This experience has given us our hope back! Looking forward to using more of your services!!” – Lori Gholson

Lotus of the Moon’s Spiritual Cleansing Team:


Stephanie McCarl, Ashleigh Rogers, and Lindsey Rogers.

Service includes an intuitive diagnosis, energetic cleansing and cord-cutting (where needed), product to keep, and instruction.

Cost: $143 in-town. Out-of-town customers will be charged a travel fee upon arrival.