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Offering yoga and pilates classes throughout the week on a donation basis! Simply click on the Schedule link below, find a class you want to attend, and click register. You will be directed to our Mind Body site where you can sign up to attend each class. Then, pay what you can at each class!


Lotus of the Moon is dedicated to expanding our global consciousness by increasing accessibility to spirituality. To that end, we offer spiritual goods, services, classes, and events at our Richland, Washington location. But, we are expanding our virtual accessibility thanks to COVID-19. We want to maintain our accessibility to spirituality while promoting health and wellness through social distancing as prescribed by the CDC.

Effective 3.15.2020 until further notice, we will host donation-based yoga and spiritual classes through live streams and watch parties on our Lotus of the Moon Live Facebook group so our community and beyond can still access their own well of healing while maintaining a safe physical distance due to COVID-19. All yoga classes will be accessed virtually during this time. Please continue to register through Mindbody and donate. 

We ask that you make donations directly to the teacher of the class you are watching/taking. The links for their individual donation pages will be listed below as they become available. Your donations directly support the instructors and ensure the longevity of the donation based programs at Lotus of the Moon.

Sarrah Christensen: Venmo – @Sarrah_Christensen, Paypal –, or request a Square invoice
Jaidana: Venmo @JaidanaYoga
Kathryn Elsen: Venmo @Kathryn-Elsen or request a Square invoice
Lacey Davis: Venmo – @Lacey-Davis-10, Paypal –
Stephanie McCarl: Venmo – @Lotus-of-the-Moon, Paypal –

Please also consider donating directly to Lotus of the Moon, as loss of in-house classes means lost space rental revenue which helps cover rent and utilities. Venmo: Lotus-of-the-Moon, Paypal:

Please click on the Instructor link to view bios for current Lotus of the Moon Yoga Instructor bios, who providing this awesome service to the community! If you are a yoga instructor with a desire to provide donation-based classes to the public please email!

Instructors Schedule

Yoga is a holistic package for happy living. It provides techniques to unite the body, mind and breath, and connect to the inner core of our being – the spiritual aspect of our lives.

The Benefits of Yoga

Practicing Yoga promotes both physical health and emotional wellbeing. Some of the benefits for the body are:

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhanced balance
  • Increased strength and muscle tone
  • Greater endurance
  • Enhanced immune function

Even if yoga only enhanced physical fitness, the time spent in practice would be fully worthwhile. Luckily, yoga offers much more than just a way to exercise the body. The deeper meaning and gift of yoga is the path it offers into the timeless world of spirit. Yoga gives the gift of a calm mind, even in the midst of chaos, by teaching you to let go and bring awareness to every moment. In this expanded state of consciousness, you experience freedom from suffering. You remember your essential spiritual nature, and life becomes more joyful, meaningful, and carefree.

The biggest benefits come from the deeper understanding of yoga’s essence: the union of body, mind, and spirit. Mind-body integration means establishing a healthy dialogue between your thoughts and your cells. While the body appears to be material, it’s really a field of energy and intelligence that’s inextricably connected to the mind. Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions influence every cell in the body and therefore play a major role in your wellbeing.

Yoga is a powerful practice that enhances your mind-body integration. Through conscious breathing, movement, and attention to the physical postures, you cultivate a state of body-centered restful awareness. You listen to the signals your body is sending to you in the present moment and you expand the energy in your body through your attention and intention. A body that is listened to responds with greater strength, vitality, and health. It’s so powerful that regular practice can help you attain:

  • Success and abundance
  • Loving relationships
  • Higher states of consciousness including intuition, creativity, insight, imagination, and inspiration (Editors at

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