dONATION-BASED Yoga at lotus of the moon

Independent yoga instructors in our area offering donation-based yoga in the Classroom space at Lotus of the Moon, with several classes and class times to choose from!

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Yoga isn’t simply something that you do. It’s something that you are.

                                                                                        ~ Susanna Barkataki

Chastity Jewel

Chastity began practicing yoga in her early 20’s after realizing her physically demanding career as a licensed massage therapist required her to stay strong and healthy. She immediately began to feel the benefits of her dedicated practice, most notably, the ability to fall asleep with greater ease. She has since then completed several 200hr. Yoga Teacher Trainings, both local and internationally. Chastity practices teaching the deeper roots of Yoga that go beyond the poses and loves meeting students where they are and making yoga fun, accessible and relevant. What she loves most about yoga is its ability to cleanse, balance and heighten the state of self awareness-which ripples out to all other areas of life. She owns her business, merging together her two passions, massage therapy and yoga, and offers both private and group classes online and in person.
She lives in Washington State with her beloved husband Dylan and their son Noah.

You can learn more about her at


Jaidāna (aka Nat Blakely) is a 500hr certified all levels yoga leader with a focus on accessible spirituality and bringing holistic healing to the every day. The spiritual name Jaidāna means ‘a celebration of the reciprocal nature of giving and receiving’ which is a principle they live to embody. JD would love to see you for a class; all experience and ability levels are welcome!

Bre Krause

Bre is a newly registered yoga teacher and the blossoming business owner of Joy & Juniper, with which she hopes to bring wellness through yoga and, at some point down the road, herbalism! She has always felt drawn to discovering her inner self and ways in which she can feel empowered in her own mind and body. During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, her anxiety spiked, with a combination of yoga and adaptogenic herbs being a surefire way to calm
her nerves and make her feel grounded again. As time progressed, Bre also found that building her physical strength made her feel stronger mentally, and her confidence in herself grew. Bre now strives to help her students find their own strengths by becoming more aware of their minds and bodies. When we do this, we become more in tune not only with ourselves, but with everything around us. We can become physically stronger, yes, but we can also become capable of having great strength of character. Bre lives in Washington with her two black cats, Raven and Dimitri. She holds an M.A. in teaching, a B.A in English Literature, and has seven years of experience teaching in elementary education. You can most often find her curled up with a fantasy book and a mug of tea!
~ Blessed be ~